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Mini Crosser UK

Medema Group has now elected a sole importer in the UK for the Mini Crosser Mobility Scooter, Elite Mobility Ltd will now supply the UK and specially select dealers, those chosen have the engineering expertise and knowledge to deal with the maintenance and high standards that is expected from Mini Crosser manufacturer's, it's an unknown fact that engineers are trained at the headquarters of the manufactures which is located in Denmark, this allows them to be 100% confident that the product is in the right hands when it supplied to the UK. This website is setup by Elite Mobility to give information on the Mini Crosser products available and let all customers who currently own this excellent product where they can get accessories, parts and servicing done, plus any customers who have warranty from products they have recently purchase from previous authorised dealers. For more information on Elite Mobility please click this link to www.elitemobility.co.uk