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Mini Crosser M1 Cabin 4 Wheeler 8mph


Product information

Mini Crosser M-model 4-wheeler
The 4-wheeler M-models and MJ-versions are available with a Cabin. With the Cabin, you are always warm and dry throughout the year. It protects you from the elements. The Cabin comes with an optional heater, so even in wintertime, you can enjoy driving outside. As standard, the Cabin is equipped with electric wiper and washer. The windows of the side doors are openable so you can enjoy the fresh air. The doors are lockable. The Cabin is particularly suitable for people with impaired lung function and respiratory problems. The Mini Crosser Cabin is characterised by ample space and low noise level. Due to the large windows, the user can enjoy the views. The Cabin can also be equipped with a back camera (accessory) for a better view when driving backwards. In summertime, the doors can be taken off and stored. The large front and back windows have scratchproof safety glass.

Technical specification 4-Wheeler
• Length - 161 cm
• With anti-tip wheels - 169.5cm
• Width, without seat and other accessories - 73 cm
• Ground clearance - 11 cm
• Turning circle / radius 345 cm / 172.5 cm
• Speed - 13km/h
• Seats from 34 to 70 cm

(For additional technical information, please refer to the user guide)

M-Model 4-wheeler
• Springs - a unique, adjustable rear suspension.
• Wheels - optional as puncture proof.
• Range - different battery covers and battery options.
• Seat tube - seat height adjustable without tools.
• Tail lights and turn signals (light-emitting diodes - LEDs)