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Mini Crosser M2 3 Wheeler 8mph
Mini Crosser M2 3 Wheeler 8mph
Mini Crosser M2 3 Wheeler 8mph
Mini Crosser M2 3 Wheeler 8mph
Mini Crosser M2 3 Wheeler 8mph

Mini Crosser M2 3 Wheeler 8mph


Product information

The Mini Crosser M2 is based on the proven M1. Although the M2 offers the same facilities and equipment as the M1, the information system on the M2 provides a whole range of new and innovative possibilities. The clear colour display provides easy and intuitive information. The M2 differs from its predecessor as it has more powerful electronics, and a new information system with a bright colour display. As it is controlled by a light sensor, the colour display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight. The main screen is very comprehensive and contains a lot of information such as date, time, temperature, kilometres/miles covered, current speed and battery status.

Mini Crosser M-model 3-wheeler
The Mini Crosser M series is the strongest and most comfortable electric scooter on the market by miles. Its powerful motor and unique suspension are packaged in a highly elegant design. Mini Crosser represents Danish workmanship and quality at its best. A Mini Crosser
comes with many nice touches and unique customisation options.

Our wide range of seats and accessories can meet every requirement; for example, seats are available in widths of 34-70 cm. The brochure shows the most popular equipment. If there is something you cannot see here, please get in touch - we are bound to find the solution. The
Mini Crosser M-model is constructed for people up to 175 kg. The M-model 3-wheeler is suitable for driving inside stores and shops, due to the nimble turning radius of 134 cm.

The Mini Crosser 3-wheeler is classified as a Class C vehicle in accordance with the European classification of electric scooters.

Complies with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/ECC. The Mini Crosser is made in accordance with the harmonised standard EN 12184 - Electrically powered wheelchairs, Mini Crossers and their chargers. The product has undergone a risk assessment in accordance with the harmonised standard DS/EN ISO 14971:2007-04-10 2. Edition - Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices.

Technical specification 3-Wheeler
• Transport height without seat - 69 cm
• Length - 134 cm
• With anti-tip wheels - 142 cm
• Width, without seat and other accessories - 68 cm
• Ground clearance - 11 cm
• Turning circle / radius 268 cm / 134 cm
• Weight without seat and batteries 115 kg
• Speed - 10, 13 and 15 km/h
• (Maximum speed depends on the law in your country)
• Seats from 34 to 70 cm
(For additional technical information, please refer to the user guide)

M-Model 3-wheeler
• Springs - a unique, adjustable rear suspension.
• Wheels - optional as puncture proof.
• Range - different battery covers and battery options, range up to 70 km with 94 Ah batteries.
• Seat tube - seat height adjustable without tools.
• Tail lights and turn signals (light-emitting diodes - LEDs)